Expert fire protection in Mansfield 

Fireblock is a fire protection company having 25 years of experience within this sector, we deal with all aspects of passive fire protection i.e. Firestopping up to 240 minutes rating, Intumescent Paint up to 2 hours rating, Firebarriers, Fire Curtains, Fire Protection to timber ceilings, floors etc

Keep your business safe

Our services include a full survey and most cost effective way of ensuring the safety of persons working within the building, to pinpoint areas that require fire protection and firestopping, also to assess existing fire protection is compliant with regulations and the fire ratings required. A full report will be drawn up and issued to yourselves after inspection and advice given about the findings, we also have a professional team of installers to carry out the works if required. We offer a full comprehensive service from identifying needs to completion of works, regular surveys and remedial works if and when required.
safety from fire construction

Specialist team

To ensure adequate fire safety, you need a quality team. At Fireblock, we have a specialist team that offers a complete service. Whether you need to service your fire extinguishers, or carry out a complete risk assessment, you can count on us. 
fire safety programmes

We offer the following:

• Comprehensive fire safety programmes
• Site surveys
• Maintenance
• Repairs
• Fire protection equipment
• Fire safety training
professional fire block service

Personalised services

We work closely with you to ensure that you receive a personalised solution at a reasonable rate. Fireblock offers services in and around Mansfield. Feel free to contact a member of our team for a free quote. 

Need effective fire protection for your business? If you’re in Mansfield, call: 01623 654 181

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